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Surfaces of boats and yachts are exposed to various detrimental external conditions, such us UV, brine, acid rains, mechanical damages, etc., therefore proper care is essential for preserving longevity, good condition and perfect look of your vessel.


Detailing is a multistage process of thorough washing, cleaning, restoring and protecting a surface in order to achieve long-lasting effects of the highest quality.


We offer full range of detailing services to keep your boat in perfect condition and give you the best possible shine.







Exterior Detailing



1. Surface restoration

Gelcoat, paint, polycarbonate windshields, varnish, stainless steel – multistage machine polishing. Process of restoring the shine, creating a smooth and glossy surface, eliminating swirls, oxidation, removing minor scratches and other imperfections of the surface. This is the most important stage, performed in order to create long-term, deep shine effect.


2. Surface protection application

Coating is applied on a previously polished surface. We provide best selection of high quality professional products, fitted to your needs: from natural waxes, polymer sealants to ultra durable ceramic coatings based on nanotechnology. Each of the used products provides significant protection from UV, heat, saltburn and abrasion damage. As a result, the surfaces will gain very deep glossy look and they will be easy to clean for months.


3. Detail cleaning and protection

We focus on every external element of the yacht : anti-slip surfaces, glass, hatches, seats, cushions, stainless steel, vinyl, textile covers, plastic, rubber, leather, alcantara etc.


Exterior washing


  • Using special maintenance shampoo to preserve the shine and to protect the surfaces during the season.
  • We wash away salt and dirt and perform cleaning of every spot on your yacht.
  • The surface becomes dry, spotless, shiny and is fully protected.


Teak Decks


  • Cleaning - removing salinity, oil marks and grease from teak surfaces.
  • Elimination of the grey look of teak due to aging.
  • Application of protecting layer - against UV, oil, water, dirt, wine etc.



Below water line


  • Hi-pressure washing and dirtiness removal.
  • Stern drives, propellers and shafts, thrusters, trim plates - cleaning and protection.



Interior Detailing

We know how to take care of sensitive and luxurious yacht interiors, as well as of the most forgotten places on your boat, like bilges and engine rooms.


Interior detailing covers:

  • Cleaning, dusting, protecting all possible yacht materials and spaces.
  • Washing and impregnation of carpets, cushions and upholstery.
  • Furniture varnish and stone polishing and protection.
  • Engine rooms and bilges - pumping out water, oil removal and cleaning.



Boat preparation


  • for season;
  • for winter storage;
  • for sales;
  • for shows and exhibitions;
  • new boats - exterior and interior surface protection.


Maintenance Programs


  • We provide professional boat care all year round, thus we are able to create an individual maintenance program including periodic exterior and interior services, according to the needs and holiday plans of our clients.


Range of detailing services is discussed individually and flexible. Works are performed on the spot.


Using PMB Detailing Services together with selected Refit & Repair Services gives you an amazing opportunity to improve the visual and market value of your investment in very short and effective way. We are very keen to advice and help you to choose the right services.

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